Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why do you want to leave NJ?

What aspects of life in NJ give you reason to consider moving away to another state? For how long have you been contemplating a move, and how likely are you to actually get up and do it? Aside from family and career, is there anything about NJ that keeps you here and that makes the decision to move difficult?

What destination (or destinations) do you have in mind, and what is it about that place that appeals to you?


  1. I moved to JC without knowing it is full of Juvenile Crime activities...My car was stolen while I was moving into my new so called home, my first night in JC...You would have thought I would have left then, but I relocated with my JOB...I moved to a place that is not safe for me, and my poor car gets dents and scratches on it just from being parked outside on the street and now my neighbor who lives across the street on the corner has taken a picture of me, when I was leaving for work one am, with some man standing there looking at me, probably due to the negative postings I have posted on - regarding corrupt politicians, criminal minded juveniles, in JC and so forth ..I am fearful for my life and do not feel safe living here ..My relocation is pending and moving plans are being prepared .. I am so SORRY I relocated with my Job to NJ and found a so call HOME in JC and cannot WAIT to get out ALIVE...

  2. Viv, I'm very sorry to hear about your troubles in Jersey City. I assure you that it's not that way in all parts of NJ. Have you considered moving out further to the suburbs?

  3. That is what I am working on now, I do not want to make the same mistake again...I have been told to Be Careful and Move to a better place, because JC, Newark are bad areas - the people in JC are like prisoners in their own homes ... me too...thanks for your response

  4. Some towns not too far from JC that you may want to consider: North Bergen, Lyndhurst, North Arlington, Rutherford, Kearny

  5. First of all, this is a really interesting blog so far. I've lived in Jersey my whole life and after having been to almost every other state I'm convinced NJ is the best one (for all the reasons you gave in your first posting). However, wasteful spending (and thus high taxes) are pretty much negating all those positives and forcing me to rethink where I can live. I actually do live out in a really nice area where there's practically no crime, so I don't have to worry about that, but no matter where you live in NJ, you have to worry about taxes.

    My wife and I would think most seriously about moving to New Hampshire. I've always remarked that the people there remind me of the same kind of mentality that probably existed back in the Founding Fathers days. There are tons of little local businesses in every town and it's very difficult to find large chains (even in the touristy areas). Yes, the winters are brutal and you no longer have the NYC proximity, but it may be worth it if my current state government doesn't decide to, well, diminish itself.

  6. SKS-

    Right, like I stated earlier, while NJ does have a many great qualities, those are now, in my opinion, outweighed by the negatives. The tax issue alone is slowly bleeding NJ dry. I don't have much faith that anything significant will be done about it anytime soon; it's only gotten worse and worse despite the promises of those in Trenton.

    I've never been to New Hampshire. I've always imagined it to be a quaint, picturesque setting, though perhaps with a cost of living that isn't much better than NJ's. If you moved there, would you miss the hustle and bustle of NJ?

  7. Yeah, I would definitely miss that. I, like many in NJ, work in NYC and I really enjoy the ability to live in a quiet, woodsy area that has direct access to the most energetic city in the country. I love NH, but it has nothing close to that. I know it's a lot to ask for and probably a pipe dream, but I really do hope that magically NJ fixes itself in the upcoming years. Not only are taxes too high for people trying to live here, but the business climate has become a joke. If the state continues on its current path, it'll become an entire state's worth of Detroit. I don't want to leave this place, but I don't want to be around for that.

  8. I moved to southern California..paradise right, wrong! I lived there for 10 years. I could not wait to get back to NJ. The people there are vapid beyond belief. It really is like TV, its all about plastic surgery and the car you drive.
    People are friendly, but its only on the surface.
    Cost of living, astronomical. The 405 makes the GSP look and feel like a rural back road. Traffic, air you can see...There is no state better than NJ and no people as real and as funny as the people from the garden state. Move to south NJ, where the pace is slower and the taxes lower. I would never move from this state again. Delaware flat and a bore, Pennsylvania taxes are creeping up, its no bargain. New Hampshire, great for a vacation, but living there in that weather no way. Just met a couple who moved back from North Carolina, couldn't take it. Think twice before moving!

  9. Anonymous-

    People are shallow and vapid in southern California, really?! Just kidding. But, isn't that the stereotype...that Californians can be superficial and self absorbed?

    There are a great many states where the people are not like that, so to use southern California as the metric for the rest of the country is disingenous. And isn't summing up Delaware as 'flat and a bore' a bit insincere? That's as bad when people say New Jersey is one big dump just because they've driven up and down the Turnpike.

    Some people are Jersey people through and through, and for them, there is no substitute. The negatives which I've detailed are still far outweighed by what they find positive about the state. For these folks, I would never try to wrestle their opinion away.

    But, for the folks that are on the fence, for those that are and have been growing increasingly frustrated by the state of affairs, and the quality of life in NJ, I encourage them to learn as much as they can about life outside of NJ. Figure out what it is that is important to you in regards to where you live. It's a balancing act, you may have to give up something in order to live in a state that is run well and has good (or even adequate) infrastructure and reasonable taxes.

    That's the entire point of this blog, for folks to exchange ideas and information about life outside NJ, and to help one another work towards a decision as to whether or not moving is a wise idea.

  10. I can't stand living here and finally get to move to NY in December. The cops run this state like its under marshall law, the drivers are CRAZY (tailgaiting you at high speeds, cutting people off, and generally just driving like they're in a huge rush all of the time.) The Jersey shore is overrated, there is no such thing as FREE parking in NJ. And obviously, the politicians are dirty as hell here. You know its true chin.

  11. I actually prefer Jersey drivers to pretty much any other state because although they are aggressive, there's a certain method to the madness. It takes a little getting used, but once you do driving isn't that bad.

    However, I can make no argument for the cops. Every other state I've been to or heard about seems to have cops who don't give you that same "psycho" attitude that NJ cops do. Oh, you know what the funny part is? I've never once been pulled over or arrested or anything like that and I STILL know what NJ cops are capable of.

    I will defend the Jersey Shore though. It's by far my favorite. As long as you avoid the seediness of AC or Seaside and stick to more family friendly places like Ocean Grove and Ocean City, it's great. Best cheesesteaks anywhere (sorry Philly but it's true).

    Politicians? Unfortunately they're about the worst this side of Chicago.

  12. I'm so happy I found this site! I dream of leaving NJ almost everyday. I have children about to decide on colleges this year. I tell them to look at some schools that are out of state and I'll move there. When you have children you don't have the freedom to just pack up and drive where ever you want. They only know of Jersey and love their friends, they will always want to come back. I think I need something small not too far away from where I am, and hopefully make it a part time residence.

  13. SKS-

    I agree with you about Jersey drivers. Given an open road and normal traffic levels, NJ drivers do generally seem to abide by the concept of stay right except to pass. The Garden State Parkway during non rush hour times is a good example of this in action.

    For some reason, folks from Pennsylvania and New York don't seem to understand this concept whatsoever. I regularly see them leisurely cruising in the left lane, oblivious to the frustration they are causing many around them.

    As for the cops, I agree 100% as well. I once got pulled over in Illinois, headed west from Chicago. I was going 94 in a 65. I saw the lights, the stern face in the rear view and then he pulled alongside me and pointed for me to pull over. I was freaked out.

    But, to my surprise this cop was exceedingly professional and courteous. He even knocked down my fine to the next lowest level. Taken aback by his demeanor, I shook his hand and thanked him for his professionalism. To be honest, he could have increased my fine, and I still would have thanked him, simply because he was such a decent person.

    Had that happened in Jersey, there would have been three cruisers surrounding you and they'd either be shouting you down or acting like condescending pricks. Perhaps it's just a reflex that NJ cops have developed to the attitude that they have to deal with all day. That is understandable, I suppose.

  14. Jody-

    Welcome aboard. The decision to move is a difficult one. But like you mentioned, perhaps if your kids go to school out of state, it might offer you the opportunity to make a move.

  15. I've lived in NJ all of my life and feel like it's time to move on. I think the main reason for me to want to leave is the price of housing, including property taxes. I like NJ in a lot of ways but don't like it in others. The rt 80 commute is a disaster and will never change. The cost of everything is much higher than a lot of places. My wife and I could try and save for a bigger house here but why do it when we can go 15 to 20 minutes into PA and get a much nicer house with lower taxes. We have kids so I have to watch the school districts but I could still work in western NJ where I am now. I have relatives on both sides of the border so I'd be in the middle. I love the Jersey shore so maybe we could save for a small house down there. You really have to have a lot of $ to live comfortably here.

  16. jpkads-

    Cost of living seems to be the single largest reason why so many are considering leaving NJ. The horrible commutes can't be far behind. I lived out in western NJ for a short while, and would commute to Parsippany. I'd have to leave by 6am in order to get there by 8am - and this was all of 26 miles.

  17. Yeah, I hear you. I could now move 20 minutes into PA with a nicer home and travel 35 miles to my job in western NJ and be there in 40-45 minutes. It's very tempting with taxes, insurance, commuting and housing the way it is here. I think it will only get worse. Yes PA taxes will increase but not at the rate it does in NJ.

  18. Born and raised in Gloucster County South Jersey and am escaping the Peoples Socialist Republic with in the next 6 months to Lancaster County PA. We can own a MUCH nicer house , with acres of land for 150,000 and property taxes of 2500 a year.

    Another BIG issue is NJ's motto of " State mandated victimhood and you, Perfect Together !"

    Meaning , the arrogant "rulers " in Trenton flat out ignore the endless volumes of data, and the oath they swore to defend the Constitution , by refusing to allow properly investigated and trained citizens to carry a weapon for self defense.

    My life, the lives of my children and my wife, not to mention our rights are to valuable to me to be subjected to being defenseless because some moron politician that gets all his/her knowledge about firearms from Hollywood and the Brady Campaign.

    Its really sad, I grew up at the Jersey Shore, LOVE Wildwood , enjoy being 30 minutes from Philly, and a whole host of other positive things I grew up with. But I've had it with this God Forsaken State, the endless and entrenched corruption at every level of Govt and the impossible cost of living for anyone with a decent education and a "blue collar" job.

    The only way to fix things in NJ is for everything to collapse and literally start over. This State is BANKRUPT , fiscally and morally. Just counting the days till we leave for good. Either in Feb 2010 or no later then July 2010 once my daughter finishes this school year. Either way we're gone and arent looking back!

  19. Interesting blog. I grew up in NJ, went away for school and then returned for work -- I commuted to Manhattan and lived in Morris County. I love NJ and always will. With some exceptions, it is a beautiful state with great people and easy access to the greatest city in the world. That being said, its just too damn hard to live well in NJ. The housing costs, commuting and taxes require one to work harder than is necessary to live a decent lifestyle. I moved earlier this year to Colorado and pinch myself everyday that I am here. My property taxes went from 17K to 3.5K. Instead of 7.5% state income tax, I pay 4.7 on my federal taxes. Better yet, I actually feel as if I receive something in return for what I pay. There are 47,000 acres of open space and parkland around my town, with miles of hiking and biking trails. My town has 4 rec centers, each with indoor Olympic pools and the schools (although generally good in Colorado) are very good where we live. I now have a 15 minute commute (vs 90 minutes before) and the weather, contrary to rumors, is great. 300 days of sun.

    The amount of money that I paid in taxes to the Garden State is absolute robbery, particularly given the (lack of) services that you get back. Its a complete and utter shame. The politicians and corrupt unions turned NJ into a dead zone.

    Best of luck to those who remain. Last one out, turn off the lights.

  20. Born and raised in NJ like many others on this site. Left for Forks Township (Easton,PA) in 1998. Taxes were bad then and I see they are worse now. The reason is the lack of leaders who are not in the pocket of some union or special interest. I read the Star Ledger everyday and see the misuse of people's taxes on a daily basis, especially when it comes to education. The unions have got to be done away with, teachers need to take a pay cut, pay into their benefits (only 12% do) and do away with the pensions which are bankrupting the state. This will never change because those who would change it benefit from those very same pensions. Crime is at an all time high, look at the murders in Newark on a daily basis, look at the mayors and other leaders being let away because of the crimes they have committed and then look at the illegal inmmmigrant population that is growing by leaps and bounds.
    Glad I am in PA, 1 mile from NJ if I ever want to go back to visit. So, look at Easton where houses are more affordable as well as taxes and everything else, water, utlilities, food and the only thing NJ has on PA is the cost of gas is cheaper, but watch out NJ, your gas taxes are going up!

  21. I left NJ 20 years ago, moved to Florida. Best move I ever made, I would do it again a thousand times if I had to. Its wonderful living in a free country rather than a police state.

  22. Born and raised in north jersey, the quality of life, cost of living, nasty people and miserable weather made us up and move out to colorado. Now that we feel like we were released from a cage life is what it is supposed to be now. We will never go back and thank goodness our children will not repeat the same struggling visious cycle we had to endure.

  23. Hey Anonymous 1/24 post, where and when did you move to Colorado? We moved from northern NJ earlier this year. Its impossible to describe how much we love it here (in Boulder).

  24. Ive lived in new jersey my whole. Don't come to south jersey its being overrun by drugs and terrible people. I am currently in the process of moving to greener pastures without all this bs. I can say it's becoming more of a hell hole everyday. Now as for the people yea you can find some nice people but the majority of them have this stupid image of being gang bangers and drug lords. Which makes for a fake illusion. Just don't come to south Jersey.