Friday, October 23, 2009

Jersey City the 13th Best City to Raise a Family??

So says Children's Health Magazine. Does anyone want to attempt to defend this? I'm not suggesting that it's one of the worst places to raise a family, but it certainly doesn't strike me as being among the best.

Children's Health magazine, published by Rodale, named Jersey City the 13th best place to raise a family. The magazine released a top 100 list of municipalities across the nation. The only other city in New Jersey to make the list was Newark, who ranked 46th.

Burlington, Vt. topped this year's list.

"We compared 29 quality of life variables in the areas of employment, health, housing, safety, education and family life to calculate Children's Health's 100 Best Places to Raise Children," the magazine's Web site says.

"This administration and the City Council work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in our city and we are glad to see our efforts be recognized," Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy said. "I am proud of our diversity and progress. From art and culture to recreational activities and leisure past times, we have hundreds of things for families to do. Jersey City has great parks, restaurants, shops and wonderful neighborhoods that continue to attract families here all the time."


  1. sure just sit on your front porch in greeville on a summer saturday night & you can see all kinds of fireworks

  2. Being able to see spectacular fireworks is nice and all, but that alone hardly qualifies a city as being amongst the best places to raise a family.

  3. Umm...I believe the other anonymous poster was making an attempt at dark humor, since Greenville is among the parts of Jersey City Bret Schundler didn't see fit to lease out to developers when he was trying to become governor. Only the parts that could be seen from the Hudson were important to the street cred necessary to consider a gubernatorial run. If you've never witnessed a murder but are just dying to, Greenville would be one place to increase your chances.

    If you're rich and of European of Asian stock, the parts of Jersey City that Schundler did bequeath to developers would be great places to raise your trust fund. You have access to great doctors, all sorts of cultural activities, close to great private schools. You can live in Newport and your only connection to the "other half" will be their presense in YOUR Newport Mall.

    Of course, if you're poor, living off of Communipaw Ave., this just seems like a cruel joke. Then again, I'm sure once you've paid for your Communipaw area flat and buy milk, bread, and baby formula with your minimum wages, there's probably little left over to buy a copy of Children's Health anyway.

    Was that a defense, or venting more cynicism? I don't know...I found nowhere on their site where they list their criteria for these parenting paradises, and considering Yonkers, NY is #10, I can see where an "objective" study might see the two as similar.