Sunday, October 25, 2009

As New Jerseyan as Pizza Pie: Why do you choose to stay?

This is a chance for all of the die-hard, dyed-in-the-wool New Jersey lifers to explain why they would never consider leaving The Garden State. Aside from the obvious (family, friends, career), what are the ties that bind you to NJ?

It's the pizza, isn't it?


  1. There is not going to be much postings here

  2. Yeah, it sure looks that way. There have been some pretty defensive comments in other threads here, so I figured I'd open up the floor for the NJ defenders to state their case. And not in a sarcastic, "yeah right" manner either - I'd really like to hear from them.

  3. I finally got my Giants tickets.

  4. I can't say that I'd "never consider" leaving, but NJ is still my favorite state.
    1.) Food. Oh my GOSH the food! NJ pizza is actually better than NYC. The Italian food (non-pizza Italian) has no equal ANYWHERE (including Italy). The Mexican food is great. You can find pretty much anything and it's a really good representation.
    2.) Proximity to the city. I like NYC (and I also work there), but I wouldn't like to live there. Thanks to the multitude of transportation options I can live my life out in the hills/forrest while making my living in NYC.
    3.) Variety of landscapes/scenery. I live up the hills. I go to the beach. I hike around the pine barrens. There's a lot to see in such a tiny state.
    4.) Size. It's really nice knowing that driving from High Point to Cape May takes less than 4 hours. I visit Colorado quite a bit and driving from any major town to the next major town takes...well...4 hours.

  5. SKS-

    On point #1, the Mexican food in NJ (and the east in general) pales in comparison to what you can find in...wait for it...Iowa. I'm completely serious. There are many large Mexican communities in Iowa and western Illinois, so I suppose that might account for it.

    But yeah, for Italian, NJ is hard to beat.

  6. Oh no, I know that. I frequent Chicago and...Minnesota. While the Mexican food out there is terrific, it doesn't compare to places like Dover and Edison. Of course I think we're now arguing awesome vs. maybe-slightly-awesomer. Heh, I'll never knock the midwest Mexican food.

    PS - Colorado has some great Mexican food too. The only place I've been to that doesn't have great Mexican food (at least the five places I've eaten at there) is LA. I still have no explanation for that one.

  7. NJ has some of the best scenery -