Monday, November 2, 2009

You're Elected Governor of NJ: What's Your Plan?

Tell us what your plan to remedy New Jersey's many ills would be. Among the issues that need attention:

-Property Taxes
-Environmental Problems
-Crumbling Infrastructure
-Inner City Decay
-Whatever else you feel needs to be adddressed


  1. Consolidate school districts at county level. Start a school voucher system. Freeze hiring and pay for state workers. Initiate an outside audit of NJ state government to find and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse. Direct NJDOT to stop promoting traffic and start protecting pedestrians. As far as crime goes, institute shall-issue CCW, eliminate the FPID system, and get NJ back in line with the United States Constitution.

  2. I'm not familiar with FPID, what is that?

  3. FPID (sometimes erroneously called FID) is a Firearms Purchaser ID card. In New Jersey, you have no legal right to purchase a firearm -- the state grants you an exception. The FPID system is redundant with the Federal NICS system and rife with corruption aimed at humiliating those citizens of New Jersey who choose to accept the responsibility of defending themselves. Check for details. (Many members of which are looking longingly at the border of Free Pennsylvania.)

  4. 2X2L-

    Guns aside, I can think of a great many reasons to move to Pennsylvania. This just adds to the list. And though I'm not a firearm aficionado or hunter, I totally understand and sympathize with those that are and feel that NJ has over stepped it's bounds when it comes to gun ownership.

  5. Darn it, 2X2L! I just got back from voting! I would have written you in had I known your platform!

  6. GOD Help Jersey, I moved to PA 2 yers ago. It is Hopeless..