Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Jersey and Global Warming

Bye Bye, Hudson County!

Click on the link below for an interactive map which displays the effects of sea level rise on the NY Metro area.

New Jersey Sea Level Rise Map

In the worst case scenario, the melting of the entire Greenland Ice Sheet, towns as far inland as the Passaic River would be inundated. I guess other smaller business hubs, such as Parsippany, Morristown, and Mount Olive might benefit from businesses relocating further inland.

I'm surprised that we here in New Jersey don't hear more about the potential effects from global sea rise. Considering how close we are to the Atlantic, you'd think that it would be more of an issue. Atlantic City, if it's still around that far in the future, would be devastated.


  1. Actually, it's much better than I thought. A 10 foot rise in sea level still keeps most of NJ above water. I'm not too worried about this at we have only at a 9 inch rise in sea level over the last 100 yrs. Contrary to popular belief there has not been a big increase in sea levels. -cchuba

  2. Yes, it still keeps most of NJ above water, except for Hudson and parts of Bergen and Essex counties; the most densely populated parts of the state.

    I agree that we have no way of being certain just how much the rise in sea levels will be, and when that will happen. But since we do have evidence that a rise is likely, then it would make sense to at least have a plan on how to prepare and deal with it.